Teaching Tips Adult Ed Teachers Should Learn From Game of Thrones

Teaching Tips Adult Ed Teachers Should Learn From Game of Thrones

Are you looking for ways to take your teaching to the next level?  Who isn’t…?

Let’s face it, most adult education teachers want to capture their learners’ or audience’s full attention. Maybe it’s because teaching gets easier when learners are attentive, receptive, and engaged. That sounds interesting, but…

It’s not easy to keep adult learners’ on their toes. Doing it requires more than content knowledge. You need a box of teaching tricks. Really…? Yes, you do. Let’s be concrete now.

Like it or not, Game of Thrones is a success. Here are 6 things you can learn from it to make your lessons engaging.

1- Storytelling: Storify your content. Tell good stories instead of throwing boring information at your adult learners. Stories have the potential to bring your plain and dead content to life. Why is that important for my  class?

Good stories tap into adult learners’ emotions and feelings. Therefore, the meaning and the context of your stories will help learners remember and process information.

2- Suspense: Have clear objectives for your class but be unpredictable in your facilitation style. Make room for students to predict or guess what direction your lessons or stories will go. Then, take a different turn,  trigger a sense of curiosity in learners, and  extend the learning process.

3- Uncertainty: Don’t be sure about anything. Don’t be the only source of knowledge for your learners. Instead, use socratic teaching techniques. Play devil’s advocate. Encourage learners to answer and discuss driving questions. Therefore, you will make learners stretch their thinking skills.

4-  Visualization: Make your teaching visible.The more tangible and concrete your content is, the more engaging it gets. No matter what you teach, take advantage of the power of  visualization. It is critical to students’ learning and success. How do I do that? Use videos, charts, drawings, pictures, metaphors, analogies, and concrete examples.

5-  Music: Play motivational music  in your classroom. Play it in background when class starts and during breaks. Music might create an environment that keeps learners’ brain motivated and engaged. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with motivational music.

6- Wars: Please hear me out before you make your learners fight. What I mean by war is to let ideas and opinions clash. Make room for learning discussions. They will keep learners engaged. Teach learners how to disagree and formulate valid arguments.

What else did you learn from the Game of Thrones (If you’ve watched it, of course)? What other ideas can you add to the list? 

Write your input in the comment section below. Thanks in advance for commenting and sharing the post in your network.

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