Top 5 Sources of Free Materials for GED & TABE Practice Test

Top 5 Sources of Free Materials for GED & TABE Practice Test

Last week I got a call. It was my friend who had read my post on how to better prepare students for standardized tests. He complained that he wants to practice test taking with his classes; but can’t find free practice test materials for TABE and GED. I was like…ok.

Then he asked me to give him any materials that I have in my repertoire. I had to see that coming… If you teach ABE or GED you probably face the same challenges. Don’t you?

Well, before I get another call out of the blue, let me share the resources I gave to my friend. Feel free to use them to help your learners.

1-Uniontestprep.com: provides practice tests for TABE math and language arts.

2- Gedpracticequestions.com: offers practice tests for all sections of the GED test.

3- Mometrix.com: presents practice tests for TABE math and language arts (reading comprehension).

4- This link provides a TABE Test Prep guideline and some sample questions for TABE reading comprehension and math.

5- This link shares sample TABE test questions for language arts and math. Feel free to check it out.

Please share with your fellow ABE and GED teachers.

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