What Makes Adult Ed Teachers Remarkable—Hooking Adult Students on Learning

I have taught alongside a GED teacher for more than five years. Semester after semester, her class was always packed with students. And almost all of them stayed until the end. The learners just could not get enough of her lessons. Why? Because she was remarkable!

Here’s the thing:

Remarkable adult ed teachers never get rich, but they change the worldone adult student at a time. Inspiring, right? 

Remarkable adult ed teachers are dedicated and committed to the adult student’s learning. On top of that, students like remarkable teachers and administrators respect them—and value their hard work. But what makes these teachers remarkable? What’s their secret?

I understand that you may love to teach. You may even get a lot of positive feedback on your teaching. But deep down, you want more. You want to be remarkable. Well, I’ve got your back. Let me share the secret sauce with you.

The secret sauce 

Here are 10 things that make some adult ed teachers so remarkable: 

  1. They understand how adult students learn and how the brain works. Then they leverage this knowledge to teach their class how to learn. 
  2. They know how to connect with adult learners, and they are likable and personable. 
  3. Their class is like a big community. They create a safe environment where all learners have a voice and can take risks. 
  4.  They welcome mistakes and use them to reinforce and teach new skills.
  5.  They are good at “making it stick.” That is, their teaching strategies promote and increase information retention.
  6. They know how to tell good stories to make content interesting and get students hooked on learning.
  7. Students enjoy being in their presence. Thus, they almost always deliver high learner retention and completion rates
  8. They get students ready for and confident about tackling the target standardized test. For example, they know the secret of distributed practices.  
  9. They create tasks that allow students to transfer knowledge learned in class to real-world situations.
  10. They let students do all the work and most of the talking but set concrete examples and provide appropriate support when needed.

 What else do you want to add to this?  Write your input in the comment section below.  

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The coach

Teddy Edouard is a Learning Consultant & an Instructional Coach with a passion for Teaching, Learning, and Cognitive Science. He is on a mission to help institutions, teachers, and training professionals maximize the effectiveness of their instructional and non-instructional interventions. Teddy translates adult learning theories and other research into ready-to-use classroom teaching tips and strategies for the benefits of adult learners and instructors.

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