5 Simple Things All Effective and Efficient Learning Cultures Have in Common

Have you ever wondered what makes some companies grow so fast or become so successful? My work in L&D has exposed me to a lot about what all great learning cultures have in common.

Of course, effective and efficient learning cultures share several characteristics/systems in common. But one of their most important systems is their talent development department that works like a well-oiled machine.

You may wonder, how do I know if a learning culture is effective?

My answer: Look for the signs.

What kind of signs? 

To keep things simple, almost all great learning cultures share at least these 5 things in common:

1. Learning/training is measured. 

That is, the impact of new knowledge on job duties is assessed and documented. In other words, knowledge transfer is made evident and concrete. 

2. Opportunity for distributed practices.

Employees attend training, but they also take part in follow-up practice sessions. In practice sessions, employees learn by doing, and are allowed to make mistakes without being judged or blamed because the work environment/setting is built  and designed for that purpose.

3. More coaching, less Training. 

Employees receive corrective feedback on their performance on a regular basis or as needed. This support helps them improve their skills and master their job duties. To put it simply, employees receive coaching support from their colleagues and/or supervisors that help reach their learning goals or their target performance.

4. A growth mindset is evident.

There is no superstars. Everyone is a learner. For example, staff learn from each other and coach each other. This, therefore, makes employees more open to taking risks and learning new skills—functioning in a different capacity without the fear of being judged and getting fired.

5. A solid knowledge management system.

Great learning cultures develop talents well and at the same time create a system to safeguard the body of knowledge — skills and expertise— that makes their companies successful. 

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