How Adult Students Should Study for Standardized Tests

You care for your learners. You want them to do well on the standardized test. In other words, you want to look good as a teacher. So, you encourage your learners to study hard and practice test-taking skills. But your students still seem to struggle every time they take the test.

Sadly, the result never meets your expectation. And you probably think, “What else could I do?” But the secret is this: It’s not how hard your learners study and practice. Rather, everything comes down to how well they can practice

How so?

What matters is your students’ ability to focus on practicing core skills with intent and effective study skills for 25 to 30 minutes on weekdays over 10 to 20 weeks. This is effective practice: studying for a little while every day over a long span rather than cramming for hours for a few days.

Please go ahead and tell your adult students the truth. As cognitive scientist Dr. Daniel Willingham put it, “...studying hard doesn’t protect against forgetting.” 

What study habits are you teaching your learners? The decision is yours.

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The coach

Teddy Edouard is a Learning Consultant & an Instructional Coach with a passion for Teaching, Learning, and Cognitive Science. He is on a mission to help institutions, teachers, and training professionals maximize the effectiveness of their instructional and non-instructional interventions. Teddy translates adult learning theories and other research into ready-to-use classroom teaching tips and strategies for the benefits of adult learners and instructors.

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