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Graceful Adult-Ed Instructors Are Weird

Graceful Adult-Ed Instructors Are Weird

A colleague once said to me, “You always talk about remarkable adult-ed teachers. What is one word you would use to describe a remarkable adult-ed teacher?”

Oh, boy. What a tough question that was! I thought for a few seconds and responded with the following explanation:

“There isn’t one word that can capture the essence of a remarkable adult-ed teacher. But for the lack of a better term, I’d like to pick the word, ‘graceful.’”

My colleague did the obvious and asked, “Why graceful?” I elaborated:

Graceful adult-ed instructors

Remarkable adult-ed instructors are graceful because they

  • make learning happen but accept failure and mistakes as part of the learning process.
  • challenge and set the bar high for all students while putting students at the center of all their decisions.
  • are natural leaders. They don’t let students hide behind excuses but instead inspire students to do their best.
  • promote a race to the top with deep-structure learning and real-world applications
  • make a difference by transforming students into lifelong learners.
  • bring grace to teaching and their environment.
  • resist the pressure to conform, comply, fit in, and do things like everybody else does— they are weird.
  • are excellent at connecting with people; they are approachable.

In other words, they are razor-sharp but as warm as a summer’s day.

Now, go change your students for the best and be graceful!

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