10 Habits of Highly Effective Adult-Ed and Workforce Instructors

Someone who reads this adult-ed blog sent me an email and asked, “How do I know if I am a highly effective adult-ed and workforce teacher?”  

OK, I’ll admit this question is more complicated than it sounds. So, instead of sending my response in an email, I discussed the answer over the phone with the person. What was my answer? I knew you would want to know.  

My answer summarized 10 habits of highly effective adult-ed and workforce instructors.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. You know how to facilitate learning, observe it, measure it, and reinforce it for the benefit of your learners. That is, you teach for mastery. And your students’ results prove it.

  2. You don’t follow a lesson plan like a cook following a recipe. Rather, you are like a chef who modifies the recipe as he or she goes along, sometimes because it’s necessary. Your teaching flows like a work of art!

  3. You teach students the best ways to learn and practice your content. You transform students into lifelong learners.

  4. You never do for learners what they can for themselves!

  5. In your instruction and materials, you celebrate diversity in learning abilities. In other words, you plan based on your knowledge of your students’ levels, interests, and academic needs.

  6. You make it your responsibility to get to know and connect with all your students.

  7. You know how to effectively prepare students for standardized tests. And your students’ success on the tests proves it.

  8. You provide students with clear, timely feedback and allow them to fix their mistakes or refine their work.

  9. You can differentiate surface learning from deep-structure learning and take action to promote the deeper learning.

  10. You are weird. (Yes, you read that right!) You are a great storyteller. You make a ruckus in your classroom. That is, you don’t succumb to the pressure to conform, fit in, and do things like everybody else does. What’s more, students can’t stop talking about your lessons!

Now, go change your students for the best!

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Teddy Edouard is a Learning Consultant & an Instructional Coach with a passion for Teaching, Learning, and Cognitive Science. He is on a mission to help institutions, teachers, and training professionals maximize the effectiveness of their instructional and non-instructional interventions. Teddy translates adult learning theories and other research into ready-to-use classroom teaching tips and strategies for the benefits of adult learners and instructors.

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