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What Adult Education professionals Like us Believe

What Adult Education professionals Like us Believe

I was part of panel discussion on the future of adult education when someone stood and asked me, “What do people in your adult-ed tribe believe? What’s your philosophy?”

I liked the question. And I happily answered the following:

I can’t speak for all the adult education professionals in my inner circle or “my tribe.” But I can speak for myself and about the work Coaching for Better Learning does.

Most adult education professionals in my tribe do things like this:

  • Keep adult students at the center of all planning and classroom decisions.
  • Promote deep-structure learning instead of surface learning, preparing learners for the real world.
  • Lead and change students, transforming them into lifelong learners.
  • Teach, train, and coach using a holistic approach. By “holistic,” I mean
  • Focus on students’ needs, interests, and levels, promoting a race to the top.
  • Promote irreplaceable skills, getting  students ready for the era of artificial intelligence.
  • Create ruckuses and purple cows. By “ruckuses” and “purple cows” I mean work that is different and worth talking about.

Now, go change your students for the best!

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