Top Books for Improving Adult Students Reading Skills

Top Books for Improving Adult Students Reading Skills

You want to improve your adult students’ reading skills and vocabulary. But finding the right materials can be time consuming. Isn’t it?  Well, today is your lucky day. Really?

Yes indeed. I have a recommendation for you.

I recommend the series below because they:

  • Teach explicit reading skills and vocabulary in context
  • Provide lots of practice opportunities and help recycle key content
  • Exist in print and in electronic version and show the lexile level of the reading texts
  • Come with embedded assessments (pre- and post-test)
  • Are more rigorous than the average adult ed reading materials
  • Can help prepare learners for college and therefore reinforce reading skills students need to perform well on the TABE, CASAS, GED, TASC, HiSET and the Accuplacer test.

Improve adult students reading skills and vocabulary


  1. Groundwork for College Reading, reading level: 5-8
  2. College reading essentials, reading level  8 to 12.
  3. Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills, reading level 10 to 14.
  4. Ten Steps to Advanced Reading, reading level 10 to 14.


  1. Vocabulary Basics, reading level 5-6
  2. Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary, reading level 7-8
  3. Building Vocabulary Skills, reading level 9- 10
  4. Improving Vocabulary Skills, reading level 10-11
  5. Advancing Vocabulary Skills, reading level 11-12
  6. Advanced Word Power, reading level 12-13

You might be able to get free copies/samples at: https://www.townsendpress.com/

I did my part. Now, do yours.  Go change your adult students for the best!

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