Six Key Discussion Ideas from my Student Retention Book

My student retention book— How to Achieve Better Student Retention in Adult Education—  will be ready by March 10. Below are 6 discussion ideas that the student retention book addresses in details. Let's dive in.  

IDEA # 1- How do you stop the trend of losing learners once it starts? Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to that question. But the answer may lie in the view we hold of our job and the kind of  system we establish to get our adult learners eager for more.

IDEA # 2- If the bad news is that some learners don’t care, the good news is that there are lots of ways to make them care— to motivate and inspire them.

IDEA # 3- As adult ed teachers, we work hard. But our work will have little to no impact if we are unable to get learners to come back for more. In other words, we  won’t see the fruits of our labor unless we get learners to stay until they are changed for the better.

There's more in the student retention book...

IDEA # 4- According Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, adult-ed classes are not a basic need. This is my nice way of saying your adult classes are NOT indispensable. But they can become very important if you know what to do.

IDEA # 5- Adult-ed program leaders respect and cherish educators who can keep their learner retention high. These educators are assets no program director wants to lose.

IDEA # 6- What does all this mean? It means maintaining above-average student retention brings satisfaction to you, your learners, and your program. Everyone wins. But how can you actually make this happen?

That is exactly what my student retention book is all about. The book is ready on amazon:

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