15 Tools that Make the Adult-ed Math Class More Interesting and Engaging

You want to help your adult students to learner math. You want them to participate and try…. but it’s not happening. Rather, learners are reluctant to take risks. As a result, they dread your adult-ed math class. So, what I can do, you may ask?

See, your adult-ed math class does not have to be boring if you know what to do. Really? I am not kidding…

To quote Shakuntala Devi, “Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”

Making your adult-ed math class interesting and engaging is the way to go. How? Let me explain.

The secret is to make the activities of your adult-ed math class practical, tangible and concrete. That way, the content and skills will be more attractive and accessible to your learners. But how do I do that?

I am glad you asked.  Start by using manipulatives that will make the math content come alive!  Before you ask what type of manipulatives, below is a list I’ve put together for you( and for your learners, of course)….You are welcome!

Tools to make an adult-ed math class engaging

1- Number lines to develop number sense

2- A double Sided X-Y Axis dry erase grid to practice with numbers

3- Wind-up tape measure 10 Meters/33 feet to practice using unit of measurements

4- Durable transparent 12 inch rulers shatterproof plastic to practice using unit of measurements

5- Graph Paper Notebook: 1 cm squares to practice calculating distance, perimeters and areas

6- Wiz dice random polyhedral dice in multiple colors to practice with numbers

7- Math addition, substraction, multiplication and division flashcards to practice and review the 4 operations

8- Activity cards for teaching place value

9- Flashcards for teaching currency and using numbers in context

10- A set of fake money to practice operations and the use of decimals in context

11- A bingo game to practice using Integers

12- Dry erase board to practice using basic place value and writing numbers:

13- A flip stand to practice using place value

14- Magnetic number lines to work on decimals and fractions

15- A poster with math keywords or a math word bank

Please do me a favor. Share these tools with adult-ed math teachers in your network. And go change your learners for the better!

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