3 High Performance Tips to Learn from Tiger Woods’ Win at the 2019 Masters

You want to be a high performer —or a linchpin— in your field or business. Why wouldn’t you? Who does not like to look cool and smart?  But becoming a linchpin won’t happen overnight. Why, you may ask?

Because it requires hard word and learning from the champs. Really? Yes, indeed. Let’s use Tiger as an example. What can you learn from his win at the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament?

He is 43 and has had multiple surgeries. So, the cards were stacked against him in several ways. However, he knew one secret. He has probably heard Tim Grover, Michael Jordan’s trainer,  repeat the secret over and over again: “The body has physical limitations. The mind does not.”

And that leads us to high performance tip # 1.

1- Using mental toughness. 

What does that mean? I am glad you asked. Let me explain. According to http://www.mentaltoughnessinc.com ,“ Mental toughness is the state of being strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling.”

Tiger exemplified this toughness on the golf course by managing the pressure with class and that led him to a one-shot victory.

Takeaway: To reach high performance you shouldn’t spend energy on whining and complaining about your situation. Instead, you should remain focus and use your energy to take actions that will move you forward —or closer to your dreams.

Now let’s look at high performance tip # 2.

2- Learning from past mistakes to maximize future performances. 

Last year Tiger had a lead at the British Open but he made a few mistake that cost him the tournament. This year he’s worked hard to be consistent and reduce his margin of error.

For example, he says it himself, “ You can always become better.”

Takeaway: To become a high performer you should reflect on past performances and mistakes and use the insights to do better next time. We both know that leaving future performances to hope and chance might lead to costly mistakes.

Ready for high performance tip # 3. Keep on reading…

3-  Keeping high concentration.

Being able to focus on a task without getting distracted is what separates the pros from the average professionals.

For example, the crowd at the Masters got excited and made some noise but Tiger kept his eyes on the golf ball and the fairways.  He also controlled and saved all his energy and released it at the last minute, after his winning shot.

Takeaway: Becoming a high performer requires high concentration. That is the ability to concentrate on tasks or projects and get them done in a timely manner. But celebrating small wins might be distracting—making you lose traction.

Want to read more about high performance tips and strategies? Check theses books out:

1- Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by  Cal Newport

2- Peak: How to Master Almost Anything by K. Anders Ericsson

3- The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

What else do you want to add to the list? Thanks for sharing these high performance tips in your network.

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Coach Teddy Edouard develops Continuous Improvement(CI) processes and systems to help individuals and companies increase productivity, reach peak performance, maximize their impact, and save time, resources and energy.

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