The Superpower Most Good Employees Forget they Have

Good employees face lot of challenges in the job market. They can be easy the target of workplace jokes and manipulation. What’s worse is, they tend to be undervalued


But good employees that know how to harness their superpower always escape the competition, becoming linchpins in their field of work.  


Let me guess. You are a good employee and you wonder, “ Do I have a superpower?” The good news is: yes, you do.


And guess what? No one can take it away from you. Really? What is it? This superpower is a secret weapon. It’s effective, efficient, and sharp. 


For example, this superpower made Nelson Mandela president, immortalized Martin Luther King Jr., and transformed Kawhi Leonard into a hero in the NBA. And I’ve personally used it to get ahead in my professional career. 

The superpower good employees forget they have

Since we both don’t have much time, let me unveil the secret for you. There you go. Your superpower is your attitude. In other words, the way you act and react to what people do determine whether you are in control of your own career or not. 


Here’s a short story. Kawhi Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA championship. But do you know what his detractors say about him? Many said,” he’s not a leader. He doesn’t have what it takes. He is not as good as Lebron James.”


The media tends to be all over him, making comparison to other players and trying to press his buttons. But Kawhi always remains calm.


To illustrate, the sports writer Zito Madu of SBNATION described Kawhi’s attitude in these powerful words: 


 “While Leonard’s laconic interviews and stoic attitude make him an easy target for jokes, that unflappable demeanor is his most powerful weapon. It has transformed the Raptors, once known as perennial choke artists, into a team that never gets flustered.” 


What’s my point?  


Good employees that are able to manage their attitude, can use it to rise above the competition in the job market. 


As Scott Adams put it : 


“If you could control your attitude directly, as opposed to letting the environment dictate how you feel on any given day, it would be like a minor superpower. It turns out you have that superpower.” 


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