A Resignation Costs Apple 8 Billion Dollars: A Lesson for Ambitious Professionals

Apple’s Chief Design officer, Jony Ive, announced his resignation. The impact of his departure should be a lesson for ambitious professionals. In what way? In a lot of ways. Allow me to elaborate. 


Before we go further, let me remind you who Jony is. He is the mastermind behind the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch, the Mac, and the iPod. In other words, Jony does remarkable work


In a nutshell, the first lesson for ambitious professionals is that doing remarkable work pays off. But this post addresses a more important lesson. Now you are thinking, “Which important lesson?” 



Just look at what happened to Apple’s stock price. See, according to Mary Hanbury, a writer for business insider, here’s what happened when Jony resigned.


The news came as a shock to many, including analysts who described Ive as “irreplaceable” and said his departure would “leave a hole” in the company. Apple’s stock dropped 0.87% on the news, wiping $8 billion from Apple’s market cap.”


Did you get that? The news of Jony’s departure cost Apple 8 billions dollars in less than a day.

A lesson for ambitious professionals who care


It all boils down to this insight. There’s a big difference between employees’ time and employees’ value.



To repeat the famous American entrepreneur Jim Rohn, “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”


This is an indispensable lesson for ambitious professionals who want to stay above the competition


Therefore, as a Continuous Improvement coach, my main focus is to help professionals increase the value they bring to the marketturning them into linchpins.  


My question for you is, “What are you doing to maximize the value you bring to the marketplace?” 


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