A Great Career Lesson Hiding in a Terrible Job Security Story

Does job security exist? Does your employer promise a smooth ride till the day you retire?


See, employment offer letters and contracts bring happiness in the short run, not job security.  Really? I am not kidding. 


Relying only on a “secure” job is like putting all your eggs in your employer’s basket. And doing so is as risky as the stock market. Not convinced yet?


Have you heard of Lee Iacocca


In a nutshell, Lee Iacocca


  • was an exceptional automobile executive.

  • presided over Chrysler and Ford Motor. He was the first CEO to lead 2 of the 3 big automakers back then.

  • was the mastermind behind the Ford Mustang and Pinto cars. 

  • brought Chrysler Corporation back to life in the 1980s.

  • He wrote Iacocca: An Autobiography (with William Novak) and Where Have All the Leaders Gone? 

  • He was named the 18th greatest American CEO of all time.


Now that you know about Lee Iacocca. Let’s get into a job story. Shall we?

Lee's job security story

Lee Iacocca had a remarkable career at Ford Motor. He got promoted to several important positions, and in the end, he became president of the company. But despite Lee’s talent and influence, the unthinkable happened.


Sadly, Lee Iacocca and Henry Ford II, the company’s owner, never saw eye to eye. The consequences? Lee got fired in 1978.

What’s my point? The story leads us to two career lessons about job security. Let’s dive in. 

The lessons...

Lesson # 1- Job security is a myth unless you are a United States supreme court justice. Why? If the economy collapses tomorrow and your company files for bankruptcy, chances are you will be on your own.


I am not cynical. I am just telling you the truth. But that’s not all. There’s hope in lesson #2for the linchpins


Lesson # 2- Only YOU can add security to your job or career. This lesson is a big secret. It’s my all-time best coaching intervention. But you deserve to know it because you read my blog.


Your job security lies in the quality of your work and how you drive change in the marketplace. Put differently, when you make significant contributions, solve painful problems, and keep customers happy, you will always have work. Simple!


Contrary to popular belief, a linchpin—or an indispensable talent becomes even more valuable when the economy is bad. Why? Employers are desperate for solutions. So, they hire and keep problem solvers, not average workers. 


Like Steve Martin said,” be so good they can’t ignore you.”

For example, Lee Iacocca was so good that he became President and CEO of Chrysler after he got fired from Ford Motor. The irony was that Lee helped rebuild Ford Motor’s competitor.


My question for you is, “What are you doing to secure your position in the marketplace?”  

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