Brutal Truth that Makes Most People In Leadership Positions Hate Dr. Edwards Deming

Maybe you are wondering, “Who is Dr. Deming and why should people in leadership positions to listen to him?” 


Great question! Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Edward Deming if you don’t already know him. If you know him, skip the next bullet points. 


Here’s the rundown. 



Enough said. Let’s get to the brutal truth.


What people in leadership positions hate to hear

As the father of quality control and Continuous Improvement, Dr. Deming said:


I should estimate that in my experience most troubles and most possibilities for improvement add up to the proportions something like this: 94% belongs to the system (responsibility of management) 6% special.


Put differently, systems (or management) are responsible for 94% of companies’ troubles, shortfall and failure. What does that mean for folks in leadership positions? Everything… 


Making employees take all the training in the world (time management, diversity, harassment, compliance, ethics…) is a waste of time and money unless folks in leadership positions create systems that produce and promote desirable results and behaviors. 


One more thing. Spending money on employee training in broken systems is like putting lipstick on a pig. 


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