Who Controls Your Professional Career and Choices?

Failing to control your professional career is like throwing away your right to choose your dream job and the salary you deserve.

Take Le’ veon Bell as an example. He is a pro football player who used to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the end of the 2017 season, he made a bold career move that sent shock waves in the media.

Le’ veon asked for a raise and a long-term contract. He deserved it because he was one of the National Football League (NFL)’s best running backs. Did he get the contract?

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 The Pittsburgh Steelers Organization refused to give Le’veon Bell the contract he wanted. As a result, Le’veon left. Instead of playing for an organization that undervalued his talent, he did not play for the entire 2018 football season. Crazy, right?

But Le’veon had a plan. He came back to the NFL in 2019. He got a long-term contract with the NY Jets Association. A 4-year contract for $ 52. 5 million, to be more specific. His contract’s value could reach about $61 million, and Le’veon is guaranteed $ 35 million.

 That said,  Le’veon Bell took control of his professional career and got what he deserved. He said, Ultimately, I wanted to get a long-term contract. And, be happy and go somewhere where I feel valued and get guaranteed security over the course of my contract of playing football.

How about your professional career?

Now, allow me to ask: Who controls your professional career? Let’s answer and reflect on the questions below to find out.

  1. Are you struggling to get a job or make a career change? 
  2. Are you doing a meaningless job and can’t leave it? 
  3. Do you feel mistreated and disrespected by your employer, but still can’t leave?  
  4. Are you stuck in a dead-end, stressful, and tedious job? 
  5. Do you feel that you are not learning any new skills on the job?
  6. Does your job prevent you from developing your career? 
  7. Do you feel invisible in the job market?

 If you answer “yes” to some of these questions, you might need more control over your professional career. And the best way to gain control is to establish a system to master your craft and do work that the job market can’t ignore—turning yourself into a linchpin.

 Like I said before, why giving away your rights to a fulfilling and rewarding career when you can manage your career like a pro.

Want to control your career like a pro and get the respect you deserve?  Send the CBL Team an email and check out our book: Creating Winning Career Systems.


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