What Should be the Main Focus of your Professional Career (According to the Father of Management)

What’s the main focus of your professional career?

Getting good jobs, making money and being respected? This sounds reasonable. But how do you get there if you don’t have your professional priorities straight?    

You are smart. You have skills and knowledge to sell in the marketplace. And you might have lot of experience in your field. But there’s a problem. This is not enough. Really?

Having all the knowledge in the world won’t necessarily earn you a dream career unless you know what to do with it or what to focus on. Shocking, right?

See, most of your competitors have knowledge, connections in high places, and degrees. And they might be more qualified than you are on paper. Therefore, relying on knowledge alone is like gambling your pension money in Vegas expecting to retire with millions in the bank.  

What I am saying is, like Peter Drucker puts it, “Intelligence, imagination, and knowledge are essential resources, but only effectiveness converts them into results. By themselves, they only set limits to what can be attained.”  

Now, you may wonder “What should I do to get ahead?”

The secret is to make  effectiveness  the main focus of your professional career. Why? This is the best way to transform your ideas and knowledge into results, stand for something, and have an edge over your “know-it-all” colleagues and competitors.  

What making effectiveness the main focus of your professional career means

The point is, to repeat Peter Drucker,If one cannot increase the supply of a resource, one must increase its yield. And effectiveness is the one tool to make the resources of ability and knowledge yield more and better results.”   

Making effectiveness the main focus of your professional career is the first step in separating yourself from the crowd. It’s a choice to be different and to:

  • Execute on your promises
  • Take concrete actions that drive change in your department without being asked to
  • Take initiatives and risks that others won’t take
  • Create products that make your boss look great
  • Find new information or data that your company desperately needs
  • Solve interesting problems (those that keep management awake at night)
  • Go beyond your job description and contribute without asking for permission
  • Build a portfolio worth talking about

In other words, you should eat and breathe effectiveness. Being effective will make you and your boss look great. It will increase your value in the job market. And you will become a linchpin that most leaders want on their teams. Isn’t that what you want?

Want to discuss how to make effectiveness the bedrock of your career? Shoot the CBL Team an emailand we will help you create and execute a system to turn yourself into an effective and respected talent.

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Coach Teddy Edouard develops Continuous Improvement(CI) processes and systems to help individuals and companies increase productivity, reach peak performance, maximize their impact, and save time, resources and energy.

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