Want a Rewarding Career? Avoid this Employee Performance Appraisal Trap.

You can have a rewarding career, but systematic traps in the workplace can hold you back if you don’t know what to do

For example, if your company’s employee evaluation or performance appraisal template is all that is needed to reflect your work, you are in trouble. Why?

The template was designed with the average worker in mind, not for the linchpin. So, meeting minimal standards is like committing career suicide. It’s a way to ask employers to treat you as disposable. Maybe you are thinking, “But I don’t get paid enough to do more than what’s required.”

See, when you perform average work, based on how you are treated or paid, you suck the lifeblood out of your career and personal brand. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and hoping to outperform your competitors. 

Building a rewarding career

The truth is, when it comes to building a rewarding career, the saying “you get what you pay for” is not applicable. That kind of thinking is a trap that leads to career stagnation and destruction. 

As a side note, you don’t get to perform average work and toot your own horn, expecting the job market to treat you as special. What your work says about you is way more valuable than whatever you tell people about your work. 

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