The Little Lie Smart Employees Believe about Job Experience

Let me guess. You are often told that you need job experience or more years in your field. Therefore, you believe you must gain more experience to get ahead, land a better job, and succeed in the marketplace.

But the hard truth is, you need more expertise than job experience. In fact, the more experience you have, the less innovative you might become. So, developing your expertise is the way to go.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading…  

The greatest football coach of all times never played in the National Football League (NFL). How is that even possible? Many believe only experienced players can become great coaches, right? But that is a mistake. Players tend to see games or game decision-making from the angle of the position they used to play.

The most famous inexperienced employees in the world are first-term U.S. Presidents. They can only view the scope of and learn the job while doing it. 

Sadly, experienced professionals rarely create innovative or world-changing companies. Don’t believe me?

More examples about job experience

 Take a look at these examples.

  • Google, Tesla, Uber, PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and SpaceX. It took novice and innovative minds to push the frontier of technology and navigate an ocean of limitations to bring these companies to life.
  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. As a first-time CEO, he challenged brick-and-motor stores and put numerous companies out of business. And many young CEOs continue the trend.
  • Barack Obama. He went to Washington, D.C. as a first-term senator in 2005 and what he did next changed the course of history. As a newbie, he accomplished the unthinkable: he defeated the respected Senator Hillary Clinton, the Maverick John Cain, and the famous businessman Mitt Romney.
  • Donald J. Trump. With no political experience, he entered the presidential race, won the Republican nomination and the presidential election in 2016 by defeating the Washington insider and respected Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In doing so, he redefined the game of politics and changed what the media thought they knew about U.S. politics.

Here’s my question for you: Are you developing your expertise or gaining job experience? 

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