5 Books on How to Build Good Habits for Open-minded People

“Why should I care about books on how to build good habits?” you wonder. The reason is, as Jim Rohn said, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” 

Good habits are like clean oil in your career and life engine. Therefore, they are indispensable to your success. Good habits prevent your motivation engine from breaking down—on the highway of life.  

For example, eating healthy, working out, and reading good books are excellent habits that lead to productivity, improvement, and a fulfilling life. And a life without these habits is an uphill battle. Now you may ask: “How should I develop good habits?”  

You can get a coach, take classes, or learn from the pros and the champs by reading their books— and tapping into their experience. So, this post shares 5 books on how to build good habits to help you get started.

I am not sure they are for you but take a look at the list. 

1- Atomic Habits by James Clear. According to Medium.com, “Atomic Habits is a great book for anyone who is frustrated with the way they can’t seem to kick that one (or two dozen) bad habit(s) and wants to finally achieve health, fitness, financial freedom, great relationships, and a good life.”

2- The Power of Habit by the Award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg discusses the science behind habit formation. As Financial Times said, Few [books] become essential manuals for business and living. The Power of Habit is an exception. Charles Duhigg not only explains how habits are formed but how to kick bad ones and hang on to the good.”

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3- High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard focuses on six exclusive and highly-effective habits that serious professionals like you can’t afford to ignore. 

4- The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book discusses the positive impacts of silence, reading, scribing, and working out, among other habits. He also highlights daily routines that you might need to alter to build better and more productive habits.

5-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This New York Times Bestseller by Stephen R. Covey is a classic. As Daniel Pink, the author of Drive and When said, “Every so often a book comes along that not only alters the lives of readers but leaves an imprint on the culture itself. The 7 Habits is one of those books.” 

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