Protect Your Career Against Artificial Intelligence Effects

Protecting your career against the Artificial Intelligence effect is a must. Why?

Don’t you want to keep a roof over your head, prepare for retirement, and pay your bills on time? I bet you do. But being able to get paid depends on the value and skills you bring to the marketplace.

But here’s the hard truth.  No one can guarantee you a job for a lifetime unless you become supreme court justice. No one will project your career for you.

Let take the car industry in Germany as an example. According to Ben Brown a journalist “Germany’s economy is on the verge of recession as its once-illustrious car making industry falters. It’s no stretch to say that Tesla has disrupted the very backbone of Europe’s largest economy.”

You may wonder. “What does that have to do with my career?”

But wait there’s more. Ben Brown added, “Germany’s auto industry has slumped to a 22-year low, putting almost 1 million jobs at risk.” That is to say, car companies in Germany have failed to see the Tesla effect coming. Let alone protecting the career of their vulnerable employees.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence Effects

In order to prepare yourself to face the AI effect you need to:

  • Don’t rely on your employers to shield from the wrath of AI
  • Read more, stay informed on new trends and developments, and understand where your field is going
  • Identify disappearing jobs and in demand skills and knowledge 
  • Learn in demand skills, take courses, and increase your value
  • Identify the companies that are leading the way change job or company accordingly
  • Stay away from any jobs that AI can do, master and perform faster than a human being

 To circle back. How do you plan on protecting your career against the AI effect?

Have questions or concerns? Shoot the CBL Team an email, and we will help you establish a system to keep yourself competitive, respected and indispensable even during AI disruption.

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