10 Signs You Know Your Why and Do Purposeful Work Like a Pro

As Simon Sinek, the author of Find Your Why, said, “If we want to feel an undying passion for our work, if we want to feel we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we all need to know our WHY.”

But according to Gallup, in 2019, about 65% of US workers did not feel engaged at work. That means dissatisfied employees are all around you. Thus, you also face the temptation to go with the flow and let workplace issues and complaints kill your mojo.

The good news is, many successful professionals beat the odds. They have managed to stay motivated and bring their very best to the market place. But how?

These employees turn each job, good or bad, into an opportunity to serve and make the world a better place because they work on purpose. 

Are you one of these service-oriented people? That leads us to the 10 signs that show you know Your Why.   

Sign # 1– You work for the greater good instead of being a self-centered employee. In other words, your work brings satisfaction and happiness to others. What’s more, you care about solving customers’ problems. You make both your employer and your boss look good regardless of your salary and position. 

In simple terms, you put your skills and expertise in the service of humankind. And you know what you stand for. As Simon Sinek put it, “Before we can stand out, we must first get clear on what we stand for.”

More examples of purpose work

 Sign # 2– You are not stuck in vain competitions with colleagues. Instead, you strive to get better day by day. More importantly, you put your team and your company first while doing your best— signature- work. 

As Peter Thiel would say, “competitions are for losers.” Since you are not one, you rise and stay above competitions. 

Besides, you avoid fighting for credits and praises. Instead, spend your energy on work that moves the needle.

Sign # 3 You master or work on mastering fundamental skills and competencies that your employer and the market desperately need. You are known for your expertise and ability to bring solutions to a specific set of problems. 

In other words, you are a reference on some topics. And colleagues listen to what you have to say. As Seth Godin would say, you’re a linchpin, and you do remarkable work

Sign # 4 Your ego does drive you like an automobile. Somewhat, your actions are grounded in sound judgment and painted with a coat of positive attitude. You don’t boast. 

You handle critics with grace and class. And you don’t take things personally. 

Put differently, you display sharp emotional intelligence skills. You tame your emotions like they do a wild beast. You think before you speak and do it with tact. No one has the remote control of your emotions and feelings.  

In other words, you use your attitude as your best weapon. It’s like a bulletproof vest that covers your thoughts, actions, and reactions. Even more, you control your narrative and shape your own reputation in the marketplace. Yet, you show lots of passion for the thing you care about. 

When you are motivated by Your Why

Sign # 5 You rise and stay above office politics and dramas. Organizational control does not get in your way. You deal with key players and power brokers with respect and diplomacy. You remain on the good side of power so you can accomplish Your Why.  

Moreover, you know what to do to get approval and support for your ideas and projects. For instance, you make allies in important departments and build connections that help advance your work and Your Why. 

In other words, you develop a network that will get your back when things get tough— and when you find yourself in the trenches of your career. 

Sign # 6 You display strong adaptability skills. Embracing changes and adjustments come easy for you. Similarly, you seek new adventures and push for more innovations that enable you to pursue your why. 

However, you do your homework— or research— and apply good judgment before jumping into any change and innovation bandwagon

Sign # 7 You are an effective professional. That is, you know how to focus and concentrate on doing the hard work. Instead of taking on easy work that will lead you to nowhere, you tackle challenging and risky tasks that make a tangible and concrete impact on customers and institutions. 

To that end, you allocate your time and energy strategically to meet the demands of your projects. 

To illustrate, you are good at scheduling blocks of time, turning your phone off, and block all distractions to produce work that will support Your Why. As Peter Drucker would put it, your act as an effective executive and get the right things done at the right time.

What purposeful work looks like

Sign # 8 You understand how systems work. Specifically, you know that your happiness, progress, and success in many areas depend on your strategies to navigate workplace systems and on your ability to design your own systems — whenever necessary.

Consequently, you dedicate time to study the systems you work in. you also establish your own professional advancement systems. In other words, you apply system thinking in all aspects of your job and career. 

Sign # 9 You make change happen and bring meaning to your job. And the people you serve can feel your desire to help solve their problems. As Seth Godin would say, your interactions with people “leave them better than we found them.”

Indeed, you are not out to cheat the system. On the contrary, you seek to impact people’s lives. You make it evident that you are the only person that can do your job the way you do. Simply put, you are remarkable.  

Sign # 10 You seek help from coaches because you know substandard skills and knowledge do not help Your Why. And you refuse to let mediocrity stop your progress. 

Hence, you often inventory your skills and take action to improve on your weaknesses. For instance, you work with coaches to accelerate your skills development process

As a writer for the Chicago Tribune said, “Who, exactly, seeks out a coach? If you ask a coach, the answer is usually the same: Winners who want even more out of life.”

Truly, you have the attitude of a champion.  

In conclusion, would you say that you are a purposeful worker?  Or which of the 10 signs do you still need to work on? I guess you have the answer and know what to do.

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Coach Teddy Edouard is a lifelong learner, public speaker, writer, blogger and vlogger. He is the founder of Coaching for Better Learning, where he helps people and institutions build systems that lead to lasting improvement, growth, and success. He also teaches professionals how to protect their careers and use artificial intelligence (AI) as a career improvement ally.

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