10 Ways to Become a More Valuable and Respected Employee

Almost everyone wants to become a more valuable and respected employee— or professional. Why wouldn’t you? 

The last thing a company wants is an employee who doesn’t add any significant value to their job and department. As an employee, it should be your goal to perform at your best in almost everything. But what can you do to increase your professional value? 

In this article, we’ll be discussing 10 ways to become a more valuable and respected employee.

1. Stay focused

You can’t unleash your best potential as an employee when you’re always distracted by your phone or office gossip. Failing to pay attention to what’s going on around you is a huge mistake. I am guessing you know why. 

2. Learn to prioritize

To provide adequate value to your company, learn to prioritize and organize your projects accordingly. The key is to make major tasks, that raise your value, your top priority. That way, you won’t spend your precious time and energy on minor tasks that lead — to nowhere. 

To become a more valuable and respected employee starts with these simple moves.


3. Respect other employees

Treat everyone with respect no matter their position, age, gender, culture, ethnicity, or beliefs. Why? As they say, “What comes around goes around.” Simple. 

4. Take initiative

It’s good to be proactive. If you have extra time, don’t hesitate to take on projects or tasks that will raise your profile.  

5. Don’t stay glued to your screen

Do your best to meet and get to know your colleagues. Doing so is one of the best ways to build connections that you will need on the job— or in your career. More importantly, keep your eyes open. Watch, observe, and you shall find secrets that others overlook. 

6. Be committed to your work

 Avoid being the type of employee that is good at making excuses to avoid doing their job. Instead, be as reliable as the sun. 

Don't forget the next professional moves you are about to read.


7. Be part of the solution

Don’t dwell on boring problems and issues that your company or boss cannot solve. Instead, bring solutions to interesting problems that keep your boss awake at night. Make your boss’s life easier. Wait and see what will happen. 

8. Cultivate good relationships with your colleagues

Be supportive of your colleagues. Avoid competing with them. As Peter Thiel said, “Competition is for losers.”

9. Be punctual

 Being punctual is a sign that you respect your work and colleagues. Moreover, it sends a clear message that you control your time. 

10. Admit your mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in the workplace, but respect is earned when you’re humble enough to take responsibility for your mistakes instead of passing the blame. 

In conclusion, what do you plan to do to become a more valuable and respected employee in your company?

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