New Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview Like a Pro

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful. Luckily, preparing for job interviews is just like any other professional skill – you can improve with practice and preparation. Here are a few ways you can set yourself up to succeed.

Research the company.

Sure, browse their website, but don’t stop there. If possible, talk to friends and colleagues about the company. Read any current news stories about them to see what they’re up to.

Check out their social media.

The tone of their Instagram posts and the way they engage with mutuals on Twitter says a lot about their branding and company culture.

Try the product the company makes.

This will prepare you to talk about it competently.

Check your connections on LinkedIn to see if you have any ties to the company you didn’t know about.

If so, reach out to your connection and ask them a few questions.

If you can, find out who will be in the interview.

Look them up on LinkedIn and any relevant professional associations they might belong to.

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Ask your point of contact what to expect while you’re scheduling the interview.

Different companies use different interviewing methods. If you’ll be given questionnaires or asked to provide samples of your past work, you won’t be caught off-guard.

Develop a quick elevator pitch for yourself.

The vast majority of interviewers start with “So, tell me about yourself.” This is one question you know you can absolutely nail.

Articulate a few specific reasons why you’re interested in this particular position at this company.

Articulate a few specific reasons why you’re interested in this particular position at this company.

Interviewers prefer candidates who want to work with them, not just people who are looking for any job.

Jot down a few of your top selling points.

This is a great confidence boost and will keep your virtues top of mind.

Write down a few questions to ask the interviewer. 

It shows you’re engaged and genuinely interested in the position. And remember, a job interview isn’t just about proving you’re right for the job. It’s also about determining whether you want the job.

Here are a few questions Indeed.com recommends asking:

  • “What efforts does the company take to improve the company’s culture?”
  • “What types of professional development opportunities does the company offer?”
  • “Where do you see an opportunity for growth for employees?”

Take a long look at your resume.

Are there any red flags or gaps the interviewer might ask you to address? Prepare answers for those questions so you’re not caught off-guard.

Check the location before the day of the interview.

If you’re driving to the interview, check out the parking situation. This will help you know what to expect and let you know whether you should budget extra time to deal with a parking garage, street parking, or a convoluted office building.

Preparing for a Job Interview the Day Of:

  • Bring a pen, paper, and a few copies of your resume.
  • If the position involves showing a portfolio or writing samples, consider bringing those along as well.
  • Call it a “meeting,” not an “interview.”
    It shifts the power balance. 

You might not be able to totally shake those pre-interview jitters. But coming to a job interview well-prepared and ready to be your own best advocate will help reduce your nervousness and help you make a great impression.

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