How To Build Productive Relationships In The Workplace

“You don’t build a business, You Build People and then People Build the Business!” —Zig Ziglar

Behind the success wheel of an organization, the members who put effort into achieving the company’s targets are the ultimate assets. Building productive relationships in the workplace is crucial for every team member to stay focused individually, on a professional front and at an organizational level. Even a little discord between two team members can cause the entire team to suffer and compromise with the shrink in the company’s success that they finally realize.

How do you build connections in the workplace?

Building relationships in the workplace is essential to feel good, enjoy your day-to-day, and get suggestions and guidance on complicated projects. It also booms to your career success. Relationships with your colleagues help in networking, motivation, and moral support. Here are 5 ways that answer the question “How to build productive relationships at the workplace?”

1. Know your plus and minuses.

Before focusing on building connections at the workplace, it can be good to know your strengths and weaknesses. Adopt the skills that can help build good relationships like active listening, good communication, and conflict resolution.

Judge the positive things you can add to the new workplace relationship and work on the things you need to maintain a good relationship. Assessing your emotional intelligence can also help. I would also suggest working on developing social skills like problem-solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills.

2. Appreciate others.

Show appreciation towards those who have helped you, whether a junior, senior or office boy. Appreciation motivates others and helps in building a bond between people. Acknowledge people of their worthwhile contributions. A little praise can do magic and bring incredible results with developing productive relationships.

3. Schedule time to develop an understanding with your colleagues.

Building productive relationships in the workplace is undoubtedly time taking. The daily duties and expectations of your post can make it challenging to find time to meet the other team members. Scheduling time like on lunch, 10 minutes before starting the workday or 10 minutes before leaving the office might help. You can also ask your colleagues to join you at some team event, after-work outings, or watch a football match together.

4. Be an active listener.

Take time to actively listen to your team members, colleagues or clients’ problems and observe how people love being around you. Active listening is a master skill that you can consciously develop over time, and you will see people trusting you and responding to you positively.

5. Offer help.

Sharing the burden of a colleague when they are struggling hard to complete a project before the deadline reaches out is a brilliant way to build a connection at the workplace. If you see that a colleague feels overwhelmed and you have 15-20 minutes, offer them your assistance. Helping somebody when they need it the most makes you trustworthy for them and brings you respect as well.

Wrap Up

In the end, we can conclude that for a successful career, you must develop positive and reliable relationships with your co-workers, clients, and other people in your organization. Adopt skills that can help build trust and feel more positive, engaged, and encouraged towards new opportunities. Besides everything, the more you give into a relationship, the more you receive in return.

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