7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Career in 2022

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been getting a lot of friction lately, it can, in fact, improve your career. This is because it has widened the bottleneck of human efficiency, minimized repetitive work, and improved work efficiency. Consequently, almost every industry in the world is planning to enjoy the perks of AI or has already applied it in their business.

Still, AI implementation can also cause a reduction of human jobs. In areas like speech translation, medical diagnosis and accounting, AI has surpassed humans in every believable way. Hence, there is the fear that AI will one day take over most jobs. Indeed, a report by the accountancy firm, PwC, states that between 2017 to 2037, above 7 million jobs will be dismissed by AI. However,  it will also result in generating 7.2 million jobs. This means 200,000 extra jobs.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Career

Here are the top ways artificial intelligence can improve your career in 2022.

1. Man-machine Hybrid Teams

The future of employment will rely upon how well AI and humans merge to generate augmented hybrid teams. Artificial intelligence has competencies in accuracy, speed and computation. Meanwhile, humans’ strengths are in judgment, empathy and cognition. The roles of both humans and AI will flux to create better business results. Additionally, according to the Accenture report of 2019, it is estimated that new AI-human collaboration apps will improve the employment rate by 10%.

2. New Job Opportunities

A recent report by World Economic Forum (WEF) states that around 50% of the full-time workforce generates a need for new job positions. For AI to function appropriately, humans will be demanded to monitor, manage and improve tasks. The WEF points out that the new positions will need additional skills to manage the interface between humans and technology. To ensure that you seize these new job opportunities, you can find out some of the best ways to prepare for job interviews here.

3. Worldwide Employment

Businesses that effectively execute AI can generate more money. As a result, companies will have better technology tools, higher wages and greater efficiency. With such achievement, businesses can outspread their reach around the world. Subsequently, they will create massive employment opportunities as they will also need a global workforce.

Career Fields that Artificial Intelligence Can Improve

1. The Marketing and Sales Industry

AI is already playing a lead role in marketing and sales. For example, tools like Salesforce and Zendesk use AI to help businesses recruit the right sales teams. The development of smart databases can help in establishing large-scale, effective sales forces.

2. AI Maintenance Jobs

AI assists businesses in performing more efficiently, particularly in areas like automation and customer service. In fact, some businesses integrate AI in all their operating systems. As AI gets implemented in every industry, the need for an AI maintenance workforce will boom. Businesses will then demand large proportions of engineers and AI developers.

3. Robotics

The robotics industry will see huge growth in the coming years. AI-based robots like fully automated aerial drones, non-humanoid land robots and stationary robots are raising significant business interest worldwide. Consequently, the raised demand can open a lot of job roles in the robotics industry for AI robotics engineers.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare is another industry where there’s massive scope for AI applications. According to an estimation by PWC, it will be the industry where job opportunities could be enhanced by almost 1 million. AI-powered healthcare will be available at an on-demand scale for everybody. Thus, the demands for AI-assisted healthcare technician jobs will skyrocket.

Bottom Line

“Artificial Intelligence is the future and the future is here.”  – Dave Waters

It has become evident that companies’ futures lie in the blend of AI with traditional systems. Indeed, AI can assist employers in utilizing their valuable time in devising new strategies and making better decisions for their companies. Do you think we have missed something important? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. We’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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