Top 10 Productivity Tools for Smart Professionals

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”- Tim Ferris

The words of Tim convey that productivity is not about doing excessive work to yield fruitful outcomes; instead, it’s a way of being. Spending hours on a single task is highly poisonous for any business or individual. Rather, we should focus on being consistently productive in our professional lives rather than being constantly busy with little results. To accomplish this, productivity tools will help any smart professional.

Smart gadgets and tools can safeguard individuals from drowning in the ocean of fruitless busyness. Therefore, we have hand-vetted some of the best tools that can help you have greater output with the least input. According to Gallup, engaged individuals can ensure 21% higher results than their counterparts.  So, if you’re looking to become a productive professional, then these productivity tools are meant for you. Let’s dive right in.

Productivity Tools to Help Professionals Manage Tasks and Communication

1. GanttPRO

In any professional organization, all team members should be on the same page. After all, one hole can sink the whole boat. To track every team member and ensure they are playing their role, GanttPRO can be of great help. It assists in task management and facilitates team collaboration by synchronizing all comments and suggestions in one place.

2. Slack

Slack helps professionals be more productive and better organized. It eases video and audio communications while highlighting important notes so that team members can easily and securely collaborate.  Furthermore, Slack can integrate all of your professional apps, including Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as give users reminders to keep them on track. These features make it one of the best productive tools for professionals. 

3. Time Doctor

If you’re working with a team or you’re managing a crew to reach a desired goal, Time Doctor can be a lifesaver for you. Time Doctor accurately determines the amount of time each person is spending on a particular task. Additionally, it provides you with a complete breakdown by project, client and task.

4. Asana

Although Bit.ai is fast, the reliability and functionality offered by Asana are matchless. That’s the reason all tech-gurus prefer Asana over many other productive tools. Asana is just like a one-stop shop for all of your work needs. In addition to helping you organize and assign tasks, it also gives reminders and assists in prioritizing tasks to boost productivity.

5. Trello

Trello allows you to link team members from multiple departments, track every stage of a project, organize meetings and events, and set goals. These features ensure the smooth flow of every project and also ensure that team members are on the same page at each stage.  If you want to go further in establishing a productive relationship with your team, then this article will also make things easier for you.

More Tools to Help Professionals Be Productive

6. LastPass

In a complex world where every app requires a different password and pin, remembering all of them isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Even written passwords are lost, resulting in wastage of time and loss of concentration. To make your life easier, LastPass— secured by one master password— can securely keep all your passwords in one place. So, simply log into LastPass and copy and paste a password wherever you need to use it. It’s amazing!

7. Shift

Every one of us has multiple accounts on various platforms. Switching between these accounts costs us concentration and a lot of time, which then reduces our productivity. With productive tools like Shift, you can avoid all the hassle by streamlining all your apps and accounts into one software. It allows you to toggle between various Outlook, Gmail and Office 365 accounts easily and quickly.

8. Bit.ai

Using Gmail for official communication, Slack for project discussions and Dropbox for file sharing drains time, energy and productivity. Thankfully, Bit.ai eradicates all these distractions by gathering everything under a single platform. So, no more juggling around various tools and apps as Bit offers a one-go solution for creating, collaborating and organizing information and projects.

9. Drag

All of us receive tons of work-related and social emails on a daily basis. Drag’s ‘Kanban’ or display board layout helps you keep track of every email in very effective and efficient ways. You can assign emails, automate follow-ups, as well as collaborate with others on emails and tasks. 

10. Stretchly

A recent report by Wellbeing UK reveals that breaks are extremely important in recovering from stress. A break during work not only relieves stress but also boosts productivity. To ensure you are taking proper breaks, Stretchly will remind you periodically so that you keep fresh and active. 

Wrap Up

Though those productivity tools are beneficial, they may not have long-lasting impacts if the correct mindset is not used. Once you have the correct attitude in the professional environment, then these tools can turn into a blessing. We believe in the words of Paul J. Meyer who says, 

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

To grow a productive mindset, continuous improvement (CI) is necessary. It assists professionals and businesses in overcoming deficiencies from time to time.

If you are interested in knowing more about the CI system, then make sure to schedule an absolutely free call with one of our representatives. This would be your first but most crucial step towards revamping your business with productivity.

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