How to Make AI Work for Your Professional Career in 2022

With the continuous growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), many fear that the rise of technology will block their chances of having fulfilling careers. However, you can make AI work for your professional career in the coming year and far beyond. Here is what you need to know.

1. Career Profiling and Matching

 Most young people find it difficult to enter the workforce due to a lack of experience. However, Artificial Intelligence will provide more accurate profiles of candidates by focusing on their skills. They can then show their many skills without worrying about job experience.

2. Useful Results from Assessments

Using AI tools to assess skills helps professionals identify gaps. These tools use psychometric assessments to highlight skills and potential. With the results, you can then advance your career as AI can match you with programs that round off your skills.

3. Better Employment Matches

It is noted that 24% of businesses have already started using AI for recruitment. Meanwhile, 56% of managers plan to use automated talent acquisition technology within the following year. This technology creates better matches between employers and potential employees. Thus, it leads to better opportunities for career growth.

“96% of senior HR professionals believe AI has the potential to greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention.” 

Ji-A Min

4. Data For Management

AI calculates numbers and identifies patterns. Therefore, it helps managers and employees quickly make better-informed decisions. You can then use this knowledge to benefit your organization. Morever, you can showcase your leadership skills.

5. Focus on the Important Things

Most professionals agree that administrative tasks take up a large portion of their time. However, with AI automated processes, they can focus on being innovative and improving their career.

“According to a CareerBuilder survey, HR managers lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks that could be automated. More than a quarter waste 20 hours or more.”


More Ways to Make AI Work for Your Career

6. Innovative Development

Many of today’s industries are evolving rapidly, leaving professionals scrambling to stay ahead. To advance your professional career, AI allows you to customize training based on your strengths and weaknesses.

7. Project Matching

Start-ups and established companies are adopting AI-driven platforms. These tools match employees with opportunities and projects. The matches are determined by skill sets, professional ambitions and retraining requirements. As a result, workers can complete projects successfully. They can also display their skills while doing so.

8. Faster Labor Market Trends

Professionals always keep an eye out for new opportunities. Rather than relying on time-consuming surveys, AI collects huge amounts of data. With the data, it identifies the fields that are increasing in demand.

9. Better Transitions

Transitioning between new positions and companies is often time-consuming. It also presents a learning curve. Fortunately, AI can help make training faster and more tailored for you. This allows for smoother transitions between roles and organizations.

10. Creating More Career Opportunities

While there are valid concerns about AI’s ability to destroy some types of occupations, AI also offers new job opportunities. Moreover, it can improve your career. The use of AI in the workplace will also cause the job market to change. With this change, opportunities for career development will be like never before.

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