How to Prevent AI from Kicking You Out of the Job Market

Have you ever heard about reproducing robots? Strange right? Or maybe you might have heard about the deep fake technology that is trending! The idea of robotic birds has also crossed the minds of inventors. Also, a couple of years ago, Sophia the AI robot had been a hot topic. All these are examples of the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is pretty fascinating. However, is this expansion of AI really favorable for us in the job market

“AI software will be in direct competition with a lot of people for jobs.” -Andrew Ng

Perhaps with the increasing development of AI, the technology will gradually occupy most of the market. Indeed, workers fear unemployment in the future as the field continues to grow. This article throws light on how AI may affect the future market, mainly in the year 2022. Furthermore, it delves into how you can protect your career from these effects. But before we dive into that, let us look at the current effects of AI.

The Effects of AI Today

Today, AI has taken a significant position in the job market. In fact, 37% of the world’s business associations currently make use of AI. Based on the situation, we can tell that the growth of AI is likely to increase in the future. It is predicted that by 2025, 85 million jobs will be removed by AI. Moreover, it is also anticipated to give birth to 97 million jobs. It is also found that 72% of companies believe AI will make their jobs more manageable. Additionally, 63% of consumers believe AI will be useful to them in the future. All these factors lead to concern about future careers. Now let us look at what you can do in 2022 and beyond so AI can’t kick you out of the job market.

Preventing AI from Kicking You Out of the Job Market

1. Reflect and innovate.

Think about the skills that you can polish. Also, think of the areas of work that will not be taken over by AI, at least not in 2022. Perhaps you can consider operating AI-built devices. In other words, think about engineering the different aspects of AI. For example, machine learning technology introduced machine learning engineers to employers.

2. Establish your startup

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing is not starting something.” -Seth Godin

You can focus on a skill you have and use current resources to gradually build your own empire. This will help you in 2022 and beyond. Think about a service you can sell in this interconnected world. Additionally, think about your expertise and ways to expand it. Remember, there are several online platforms on which you can sell your services.

3. Select a tech field.

As AI progresses, technological fields will provide more space for employment. To protect your career, choose a field that is involved with AI. Some of these include cloud engineers, data scientists and robotics engineers. These careers are developing day by day and are in demand.

4. Choose human interaction fields.

AI can advance to a great extent. However, robots are not as complex as the human mind. Even if this happens sometime in the future, it is not going to be soon. You can opt for fields that involve human interactions that a robot cannot perform well. For example, robots cannot satisfy customers and clients on an emotional level.

5. Become a writer or an artist.

AI is a programmable entity and unlike humans, it lacks the capability of swimming in the vast ocean of imagination. Fields like art and writing need creativity that is possible for only humans to perform. In fact, composing and creating along with AI tools can be beneficial and time-saving as technology advances.

6. Make use of AI.

Employ AI to boost up your work. Creativity is the key. Make use of opportunities and possibilities rather than getting stuck by limitations. Stay up to date with the use of AI in your area of expertise. For example, due to AI, writers are steering away from traditional writing and focusing on SEO writing instead.

7. Get into cyber security.

With pros come the cons. As AI develops, security will be strengthened. However, it will require much more skills to maintain the field. Therefore, employment opportunities are likely to open with the progress. Thus, in the upcoming year, you can choose this field to start flourishing in your career. 

More Ways to Prevent AI from Kicking You Out of the Job Market

8. Polish your skills.

Polish your interpersonal skills in addition to the technical ones. This will make you valuable to employers. Even if your area is influenced by AI, you will still thrive. Moreover, you can also take time to learn the other aspects of your company and understand different areas. This will allow you to transition between positions easily.

9. Educate yourself.

In addition to polishing the skills you already have, master skills in other areas. This will save you from limitations and increase possibilities and opportunities. AI will mainly take up clerk-related jobs to save time and money. Jobs related to critical, logical and emotional thinking, as well as decision-making, will always be available for human beings. Therefore, we should be concerned about educating ourselves as much as possible.

10. Stay up to date.

Staying up to date is vital. You should always know about the technological advancements in your field. In this way, you will be more valuable and less dispensable. Moreover, staying up to date will help you progress along with the growing world.

11. Opt for medical fields.

Indeed, AI is being used extensively in the medical sciences. For example, it is now being used in communication, medicine development, patient diagnosis and more. 

12. Aim for managerial positions.

AI cannot make decisions on its own. Therefore, it will never take up positions like managers or event planners. What’s more, you need managers in almost every sector. Therefore, you can aim for these positions. Workers might get replaced by robots but the managers cannot.

13. Network.

Try connecting with people to survive in the future market. After all, most job vacancies are not even published publicly. Rather, the positions are filled through networking. So, make connections and this will increase your reach and influence.

14. Try self-employment.

Last but not least, you can also protect your career through self-employment. There are many possibilities in today’s world. For example, you can become an influencer or a freelancer. These methods of earnings will not be taken up by AI.

Summing Up

It is inevitable that AI progress will continue to rise. Indeed, more and more companies will be employing it. However, securing your career is not difficult. While AI will remove certain jobs, it will also create more opportunities too. There are multiple ways you can find possibilities to grow. Good Luck for the year 2022 and beyond from the CBL team!

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