10 Must-Read 2021 Industry Reports for Informed Workers

“No research without action, no action without research.”- Kurt Lewin

An industry report’s purpose is to provide a critical analysis of how a company is performing across all departments. It is considered to be a critical tool for guiding and decision-making as it allows business owners and senior management to examine and resolve any concerns that have been found.

Moreover, one can make informed decisions about one’s career choices through industry reports. Here we present to you 10 must-read 2021 industry reports for informed workers.

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Now let’s examine the must-read 2021 industry reports.

Must-Read 2021 Industry Reports

1)   IT/New Technologies

Report: Technology Report 2021 by Bain and Company

Technology companies and enterprises with tech-led strategies are the most significant stock gainers across most sectors of the global economy.  However, the best way to govern these businesses isnt always straightforward. 

According to Bain & Company’s 2021 technology report, several large countries are reverting to trade barriers and disconnected economies following decades of globalization. Regulators are also scrutinizing huge technological companies more closely.

2)   Learning and Development

Report: The Evolution of Learning and Development in 2021 by Erica Lockheimer 

This report by Lockheimer, vice president of engineering at LinkedIn Learning, will enable learning and development (L&D) professionals to imagine what virtual learning means for their employees in the year ahead. The following are some of the predictions made by Lockheimer:

  • The majority of a job consists of learning.
  • Content curation and personalization will gift possibilities and challenges.
  • According to Lockheimer, “Continuous education opportunities will be a perk, not a chore.”
    Indeed, a continuous learning program is an advantage that wise companies use to maintain their talents.

3)   Human Resources

Report: 2021 Survey on Industry Trends in HR Technology and Service Delivery by Information Services Groups Inc.

The HR industry has developed a clear technology strategy by adapting the service delivery model to the new HCM platform. This has been successful in companies focusing on data and analytics as it optimizes the HR process.  ISG’s 2021 Survey On Industry Trends in HR Technology and Service Delivery analyzes this data through the lens of extensive market experience.

4)   Artificial Intelligence

Report: AI Market by Technology, Solutions and Apps, Use Cases and Industry Verticals by Mind Commerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a variety of technologies such as machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing. This report notes that AI is increasingly being incorporated into many systems and applications, from data management to retail.

The AI segment is currently highly fragmented, and most organizations focus on the silo approach. In the future, we will see many solutions with numerous types of AI. Furthermore, there will be integration with other key areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics.

5)   Higher Education

Report: 10 Biggest Education Industry Trends in 2021 by Moonshot Jr

Distance learning, where students and instructors are geographically separated yet connected by technology, was previously unacceptable. However, according to Moonshot Jr’s report, this is now mainstream due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, rumors about EdTech’s changing trends in the education sector, which intended to revolutionize education by redesigning the curriculum, are now a reality. Thanks to all the changes, the education sector is experiencing unprecedented changes.

More Must-Read 2021 Industry Reports

6)   Covid-19

Report: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapy Global Market Report 2021  by The Business Research Company 

This report by the Business Research Company not only provides past therapy market growth but also forecasts growth. Furthermore, it analyzes drivers and causes. It also has constraint analysis and highlights opportunities that companies in the industry can seize.

7)   Marketing

Report: The Marketing and Advertising Agency Report 2021 by Jillian Ryan

According to the Marketing and Advertising Agency Report 2021 by Jillian Ryan,The relationship between brands and agencies is ever-changing.” The eMarketer Principal Analyst adds that pandemics, seismic turmoil and digital transformation plans further complicate this partnership. This is because agencies meet and exceed customer requirements while prioritizing their own success. As Ryan states, this brings both stress and opportunity.

8)   K-12 Education

Report: K-12 Education Market – Growth Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 – 2026) by Mordor Intelligence

Mordor Intelligence reports that the K12 education market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.6% over the projected period 2021 to 2026. The market is driven by schools moving from the traditional blackboard approach to integrating intelligent technology into the learning environment. Learning trends include a wide range of activities, tools and services to improve student outcomes.

9)   Social Media

Report: 2021 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report by Rival IQ

Rival IQ’s report includes the 14 most important social media benchmarks and indicators. These relate to the top industries–alcohol, fashion, financial services, food and beverages, health and beauty, higher education, home decor, hotels and resorts, influencers, media, non-profits, retail, sports teams, and technology and software. It checks out over two million posts and 3 billion preferences, remarks and top picks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from top brands in each industry. It also presents the newest online media benchmark information for post frequency and types, as well as hashtags and more.

10)    Cybersecurity

Report: Global Cybersecurity Industry Report 2021 by Frost & Sullivan

The 2021 Global Cybersecurity Industry Report notes that an increasing number of cyberattacks in all sectors has led to sensitive information leaks, network outages and loss of control of critical computer resources. With IoT and the increasing use of digital infrastructure, mobile users and wireless networks, cyber threats have increased greatly in recent years. Phishing attacks, permission abuse, malware infections, ransomware, digital card skimming, DDoS attacks and data breaches are some of the significant threats that affect all sectors and industries.

The Bottom Line

As you know, challenging yourself with continual learning is crucial for professional growth. Reading the latest industry reports is a tried-and-tested method for gaining insight from the information gathered by others, hence why we have provided these 2021 industry reports. These will help to broaden your perspective and give you more resources when facing obstacles and solving problems.

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 If we have missed any important industry reports in this list, feel free to list them below in the comments section, and we would be happy to add them in a revised version.

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