About Coaching for Better Learning

You want to be remarkable. You want to do work that matters. You want to rise and stay above the competition. You want to be seen, recognized, appreciated, and celebrated. But you can’t get there overnight. And if you don’t have the right system and support, you won’t get there at all!

This is where Coaching for Better Learning, LLC (CBL) comes in. CBL is here to help you develop continuous improvement processes and systems that increase concentration, productivity and performance while maximizing impact and saving time, resources and energy. Simply put, we want to help you rise above the competition. As Peter Thiel puts it, “All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition.”

Our products and interventions are for businesses and people who believe the customers they seek to serve deserve high-quality services. CBL ONLY works with companies and professionals that want to do work that matters. And we promise that engaging with our Continuous Improvement (CI) interventions will help you or your business escape the competition.

In a nutshell, we help businesses and professionals make art. We guide them so they can see clearer (see beyond the clichés and market conventions), do remarkable work, and make real change happen. We ONLY work with folks that want to challenge the status quo and set themselves apart from the crowd, making a difference in the lives of people they seek to serve.

As a result, we customize our interventions (coaching sessions, workshops, speeches, CI systems) to specially address and meet our clients’ needs. Our promise is to support our clients in building their own contextualized Continuous Improvement systems. Does that sound like something you are interested in? Are you ready to become remarkable? Let’s start our CI journey together.

who we are

We are the # 1 Continuous Improvement Company of its kind!

We are a new kind of consulting team. We rethink everything about consulting. No manipulation. No gimmicks. No premade solutions. We do work that matters with people who care.                                     

Our solutions are based on these principles :
  • First Principle and Contrarian Thinking
  • Human Psychology & Human Nature
  • Cognitive Science
  • Psychographics
  • Creative Arts and Storytelling
  • Laws of Marketing
  • Systematic Thinking

CBL is a collective of dedicated people striving to create meaningful experiences and to make real change happen.

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