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  • Unsure about the most effective ways to improve your teaching or facilitation skills?
  • Confused about the conflicting adult teaching advice you’ve read?

  • Looking for proven guidance that actually works so you can grow professionally in the Adult ed field?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, emotional drained, unable to meet constant teaching & planning requirements?

we will help yOu

Our coaching sessions give you the deep dive on important strategies and tips so you’re equipped to take the next step — and the next—on becoming a seasoned, knowledgeable, and indispensable adult ed practitioner.

CBL offers a variety of coaching sessions that covers Adult Teaching & Learning from A – Z, and that deals in depth with the challenges and questions teachers face every day.

Our goal is to help you find strategies and give you the resources you need to master them. If this is what you need, keep on reading …


Our coaching sessions 

Each coaching call includes advanced strategies and techniques, suitable to solve one specific problem or improve a specific skill.

You also get examples, checklists, frameworks and templates – all the resources you need to take action and get results fast.

Below is a list of services.

  • checkLEARNER RETENTION: How to Boost Learner Retention & Completion Rates (Customize Your Own Step by Step Intervention Plan)
  • checkTESTING: How to Boost Learner’s Performance on Standardized Tests (Create a List of Strategies)
  • checkSYLLABUS: How to Develop A Course Syllabus in no Time (Customize Your Own Time-Saving Templates)
  • checkFACILITATION: How to Facilitate Learning Like A Pro (Create Your Own Checklist & Framework)
  • checkCONFERENCES: How to Prep & Submit a Presentation proposal (Discover 10 Key Secrets).
  • checkSTUDY SKILLS: How to Study like a Champion (Have Your Personalized Plan & Strategies)
  • checkESL GRAMMAR: Teaching ESL Grammar Communicatively (List of Meaningful & Fun Activities)
  • checkESL SPEAKING: Teaching ESL Speaking Like a Pro (Create Meaningful & Fun Activities
  • checkESL LISTENING: Teaching ESL Listening Like a Pro (Create Meaningful & Fun Activities)
  • checkESL READING: Teaching ESL Reading Like a Pro (Create Meaningful & Fun Activities)
  • checkESL WRITING: Teaching ESL Writing Like a Pro (Create Meaningful & Fun Activities)
  • checkESL GRAMMAR: Teaching ESL Grammar Communicatively (List of Meaningful & Fun Activities)
  • checkPLANNING: A Guide for Fast Lesson Planning (Have Your Time-Saving Framework & Resources)
  • checkSTANDARDS: Understand and Use Content Standards Like a Pro (Have Your Own Guidelines)
  • checkANDRAGOGY: Principles of Adult Learning for New Adult Ed Teachers (Create Your Own Summary)
  • checkPROMOTION: Advice for Veteran Adult Ed Teachers Who Wants a Promotion(A Concrete Action Plan)
  • checkCLASSROOM: Principles of Learner-Centered Classroom(Have Your Own Guidelines
  • checkOBJECTIVES: Develop Learning Objectives Like a Pro (Establish a step by Step Process)

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