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Build a system to keep your child at grade level and to make yourself a proud parent

We offer guidance to parents whose children are falling behind academically and that feel stressed out by the fear of failure for their child.

We help parents create systems that increase motivation for studying and learning and that raise academic performance. The systems boost the student’s confidence and make parents proud.

According to the Newsroom:

According to the Newsroom, an alarmingly large number of America’s schools are failing to graduate their students. For example:

  • The national graduation rate is 84.6 percent according to the National Center for Education Statistics
  • Another test administered nationally found that 66% of American children were not proficient in reading.

According to the National Science Foundation:

  • In 2015, 38% of 4th graders, 34% of 8th graders, and 22% of 12th graders reached the level of “proficient” or higher on the NAEP science test
  • In the same year, 40% of 4th graders, 33% of 8th graders, and 25% of 12th graders reached the level of “proficient” or higher in math.

This is discouraging and frightening, isn’t it? Your kids don’t have to fall and stay behind. You should know what to do and where to find the right kind of help.

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