Since you are browsing this page, something tells us you are interested in becoming a better—and smarter— program or teacher. But improvement won’t come overnight. And if you don’t have the right approach and support, it won’t happen at all! 

This is where Coaching for Better Learning (CBL) comes in. CBL's mission is to help institutions, teachers, and training professionals to maximize the effectiveness of their instructional and non-instructional interventions. Everything we do is geared to help boost our client’s performance.

CBL also brings the principles of Instructional Design & Technology into the adult-ed (ABE, ASE, GED, TASC, and HiSET) field. We offer a variety of packages for businesses, training professionals, and adult-ed programs and teachers. See below for more detail.

The Services We Provide

Adult Ed Administrators

1- You run regular training sessions but the teaching strategies and instructions barely get transferred into classroom practices. How do you tackle this issue? CBL can show you how.

2- It feels good to be a competitive adult ed program; but it requires meeting your students’ needs. And equipping teachers for the job is the right things to do if you want to maximize learner retention and completion rates. But are you using the right approach?

3- Maybe you want to better prepare your learners for CASAS, TABE, GED, or HSE. This is not rocket science,  but are your preparation strategies rooted in research-based principles?

Adult Ed Teachers

1- You are passionate about your teaching job, but lesson planning is time consuming and overwhelming, let alone finding the right resources when you need them. Have you ever thought about using tools that can save you time and energy (find materials and plan in record time)?

2- Teaching adult ed classes is draining. After class, you are always exhausted, feeling like a beaten person. But does it have to be that way? Let us know if you need help assessing and adjusting your teaching approach so you can teach smarter not harder.

3- Keeping adult learners engaged is hard and maintaining good learner retention rate is even harder. So, you worry about learners dropping out of your classes day after day. There are several things you can do about it.

4- You are nervous about your learners’ performance on standardized tests. Allow CBL to teach you how to effectively prep your students for the big day, without you losing your hair.  

Learning Design & Tech

1- Your company or Training Department spends lots of money on training, but employees’ performance isn’t getting any better.  We both can admit, all training interventions are not created equal. So, let us show you a better way to spend your resources and to utilize your employees’ time and energy. 

2- Do you need help designing and developing  a participant-centered course or a learning product that impacts employees’ performance? We are one email or phone call away. 

3- How do you know if your instructional programs or interventions are effective? Proving the impact of your work or interventions will add value to your department.

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